Tsunami Samurai Louisville, KY, USA

Tsunami Samurai is a surf instrumental band at its core. We also have branched out to Spy, Spaghetti Western, Rock-a-billy, and other late 50's early 60's instrumental music along with a few other this thats and what have yous. We are curently looking for a drummer, sax, trumpet, another guitar or keys, or any combo of these would be great. We some times team up with the Sugar Shakers (two girls who Hula Hoop, Go Go Dance pass out Lei's and shake there sugar!) We also have projected vintage surf footage and like to add elements like this when practical to add to the over all experence. We like to bring a beach themed dance party to the show and be a little more than just another retro band. We (Bryan and Ulises) had already launched the project last summer but due to schedual conflicts and life events had to split ways with two members our drummer, and our key's/ trumpet player. T.S. likes to keep it simple and minimal but delux and big at the same time. We have families and jobs and have no touring plans. Just a hobby that we like to play with and gig localy with. We like to practice around once a wk.