Michael Frost Detroit, MI, USA

Wad up musicans! my names Michael Frost im a 23yr metal Guitarist in search of some down to earth musicans looking to join an original band and get our asses signed and in the big times, im looking for a drummer bassist and vocals , iv been writing alot of songs and im ready to go just need a vocalist and then we can get some demos out i have a band name and symbols and art work for us , honestly im looking to do this shit over the internest for now, where i live there is NO metal musican my age around here its just me, im sure where ever you guys? or gals live its no where close to me sounds crazy but crazier things have happend i WILL make it it the music industry the question is you wanna go to the top with me? im a hard ass worker when it comes to writing im really looking for a family in a band form have a band that all clicks is hard to find w=but it makes the whole thing far more enjoyable, so hit me up im ready to tare the metal world a new ass whole man ,what you think?? :D

Vocals: im looking for some one who sounds unique has his own style, im looking for someone who can hit those kill switchengage clean vocals when the songs call for it but still rip out those pantera screams, also looking for a vocalist as well as all musicians willing to learn and grow

Drummer: im looking for someone who knows there way around the skins our stuff got a lot of triplets and double bass so your feet better be inshape not looking for a crazy tech death core drummer someone who can keep it simple but really throw in some crazy shit when its the right feel for it

Bassist: the bass player is gonna be my right hand man when it comes to riffs i plan on righting alot with you, with it beening just me on guitar your gonna be my rhythm you up for the challenge? and the speed?