DEMISE EVE Sheffield Lake, OH, USA

Demise Eve, founded by Lance Knepper and co-founded by Nathan Grace, is the reincarnation of Seven Black Roses, which is their previous effort.
Early in 2013, the two decided a new band was in order. With Knepper as drummer and Grace as guitarist, Knepper recruited vocalist Brenden Smith to this new band, which was still unnamed at the time. After Smith moved too far away from Sheffield Village to attend rehearsal, he quit as the vocalist. Following this, Noah Krems and Billy Evans joined, both as guitarists, with Grace becoming the bassist. About 2 months later, Krems left the band due to personal complications, making Grace the guitarist.
The band rehearsed for two months without a bassist. Eventually, they found Justin Tanner, who originally auditioned as a scream vocalist, which the band also did not have. After opting to learn bass, Tanner became the bassist and backup vocalist. This left Grace to be the lead vocalist, until a new vocalist can be found

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