Sabrina Orlando, FL, USA

Sabrina started singing in church at the age of 5. She comes from a musical family where her mom was choir director at her church and her father was a musician in his own right. Her father used to record and perform all across the US as a blues singer. He went by the name of "Big Blues". Although soft spoken and very reserved as a little girl, Sabrina soon began to 'find her voice' when her mother gave her a solo to sing at age 13. She sang all the time after that. She began to enter singing contests, pageants, and was performing at different venues. She has a hypnotically powerful voice and can sing almost any genre. She enjoys singing Cover/Tribute, Soft Rock, R&B, some Jazz, Country, Pop/Top 40, some Standards. She doesn't want to limit her music to just one genre.

Sabrina took a break from entertaining to raise her daughter and go back to college, but when her younger sister passed away recently, she decided that she wanted to dedicate herself to singing because she knew that it was her calling (her sister used to tell her that all the time).

She is looking to start her own act with a few musicians, which would consist of an eclectic mixture of genres. If you are interested in speaking with Sabrina, please contact her at and mention that you saw her profile on Musolist.

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Big Spender Any

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It's Gonna Take A Miracle R&B

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Over The Rainbow Soul