WHEN PLANETS AL!GN Winnipeg, MB, Canada

When Planets Al!gn is straight ahead, in your face hard rocking band from Winnipeg, MB, Canada.These boys are playing the tunes your genitals and brains want to hear. In a world drowning in over polished, over packaged and over rated "rock" bands the Planets get back to the simple, high-enery, agressive, sexy, honest music that makes rock and roll what it truly is! Their melodies, lyrics, and song-writing are just as important as their simplistic, memorable riffs and their solid rhythm section

From the beginning When Planets Al!gn had a solid vision... PLay high-energy rock music for anyone that will listen, and eventually make a living playing music they love. Right out of the gates they exploded all over the local and rural scene winning several battle of the bands. They payed a main stage slot at Rockin the Fields of Minnedosa in 2012 along side the likes of Finger Eleven, default and Streetheart. The Planets were invited back to Minnedosa in 2013 to rock with bands such as Big Wreck, Theory of a Deadman, The Trews, Monster truck. Over the last 18 months they have managed to gain local radio play. The big rock station POWER 97 selected them from a long list of bands to recieve regular airplay on their station in 2012. 101.5 UMFM also invited the Planets down to the station for more than one interview and a 30 minute live performance.

These guys have had amazing response to their 3 song demo as well as their live shows and are currently in the studio working on their much requested follow-up EP. It seems the boys of When Planets Al!gn have their dreams within their grasp but need the help of management, booking agency, recording contract and various other music industry insiders. Now, the search begins. the ultimate goal of this band is to have professionally recorded and produced records while maintaining their raw, aggressive sound, And to play regular, lucrative shows in large venues with large audiences all over the world.

When Planets Al!gn is : Jason Lowe- Vocals/Guitar, Myke Perez- Lead guitar/Back up vocals, Mikey Chabluk- Bass Guitar/Back up vocals. currently looking for a drummer.