Ty Oliver Las Vegas, NV, USA

After getting his hands on a friends newly acquired Bass one summer afternoon in 1992, Ty knew immediately that music was something he wanted more of in his life. "Drums had always been something I had sort of daydreamed about, and the first time I picked up an instrument and heard sound coming from it, I was hooked" That fall, Ty got his first Drumset, and started Jamming with some friends after school. "I remember the first time we all pulled off a change together, that was it. I had never felt anything like that before, it was totally magical. I knew right then and there that music was what I wanted to do with my life, and I haven't stopped thinking like that since" Ty's house became the spot to Jam, and with that, also the storage space for everyone else's equipment. "At night, when I couldn't play my drums, I'd pick up someone's guitar and fool around. I couldn't play at all, but I had fun trying" In the fall of 94' Ty took all of his Drums and traded them for his first Guitar Rig. This would be the first of many times the same trade off would occur, until finally settling on Guitar in the the beginning of 2000. Now that the instrument of choice was finally in place, the direction in which the music coming from it would go, was still uncertain. "I had always been into Hard Rock and Metal, but I was sort of torn between doing something heavy, or playing something a bit more Rock oriented, and what the hell would the vocals be like?? Did I even want vocals?? I was always sort of unsure about it. I'd come up with stuff that could go either way, and the more I thought about someone singing over the music I was writing, the less I liked the Idea" Ty got together with some friends that spring and made a 3 song Instrumental recording. It was a rough collaboration between close friends, but gave him the directional push needed to go ahead on the Instrumental path. In the fall of 2001, after a nearly 6 month layoff from guitar, and nursing a broken heart, Ty began writing some of the material found on Healed Through Time. "I had been wrapped up in this relationship, not playing guitar at all. When it came to an end and I finally got back into playing, I had 6 months worth of desire to play, and a broken heart to drive me into full on guitar mode. I got focused like never before, and songs were just pouring out of me. I was really getting in touch with expressing myself on the Instrument, listening to tons of Satriani and Vai, getting incredibly inspired by their ability to capture feeling and emotion. The decision to make an Instrumental guitar CD was totally obvious" With the direction in place and a specific goal in sight, the next 2 years were spent writing and recording. The results are a debut CD that comes from the heart, as well as show a player who admires, and aims for a higher level of ability on the guitar.

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