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Wanted: male singer for pro art & music project Berlin, Deutschland

Producer is looking for a male singer for a professional art and music project.
You need to be able to write your own lyrics, be an intriguing performer and live in Berlin. Native English or accentless speakers, deeper/baritone voices preferred. Would be cool if you play an instrument, so you can be involved in studio/composition work. A sense for creative art work (video, graphics, photography, fashion, concepts) and chorus lines would be highly appreciated. Music is a unique mix of Electro and Rock, „dark“ without cliche, melancholic and full of energy.
Joy Division, LCD Soundsystem, Clash, Stooges, Placebo, Planningtorock, and Fad Gadget should be mentioned to describe the sound. Please apply with sound example (streaming link is ok). Looking forward to hear from you.