Voodoo Brother Cleveland, OH, United States

We are currently seeking a Vocalist. If you are interested in becoming part of Voodoo Brother Go to our VoodooBrother.com. Listen to our tunes if interested you can download any of the "NO VOCALS" versions of any of the songs on our EP. Record your vocals over the track and then contact us. We will reply with our email address. All the Lyrics are there for reference. You can also download our single track " NPN -- 2013 Demo to write and record your own lyrics and submit that to us.


Have a link or two to recording of yourself? if you dont feel like recording over our vocal tracks send us something we can check out and then we can set up a time to come down and hang.


We are not looking to recreate the past, We are not looking for someone who sounds exactly like our previous Vocalist. We want to move forward and continue to develop our sound

Live performance experience and endurance is a must. Sing don't scream. Know who you are and bring what you do to the table. The most important thing is that we all come together for the same reason. writing, recording, and performing the best music we can. No dreams of becoming a Rock-star. Just a passion for good music with like minded individuals. Real and no bullshit. We all have lives. Music is our escape.

Listen and Grab everything at the links below


Since we are placing ads and getting responses we noticed that even are descriptive in the ad some people do not really read the ad...lol. Just to not waste anyone's time here is what we are not looking for. ( list based off of the nightmare session we have already had)

Professional Karaoke Singers
Classic Rock Singers
Harmonica Players ( that was actually a fun night)
Singers who still sing like it 1985 and can't figure out that is not 1985
Screamers that only scream and can't sing
Singers with no range
Singers who have no balls to their voice
Headset Microphones
Singers that walk in the door and want to sing covers only
Singers that don't have a Job
Singers that have never been in a band before

We are three guys who love to write and play good music. No egos or lead singer disease please. We are really looking forward to someone who is not afraid to come down, listen to a few of our tunes, grab a mic and jump right in.

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Let Me Grow Rock

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Love Rock

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My Own Life Rock

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Stillwater Rock

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Tearable Rock