Sunless Earth (STC) Glasgow, United Kingdom

Seeking bass player and drummer to form heavy prog-metal power trio in the vein of Mastodon/Gojira/Opeth as well as taking in some elements of black metal and Djent.

Please only respond if you are like minded, as I don't want to make thrash, metalcore or commercial metal. It's overdone and the scene is saturated with the same old tired cliches spat out by cookie-cutter bands. It has made me bitter- but also inspired to start up a project of my own.

I plan to steer clear of any "drop" tunings- we would make use of either D, C, or E standard interval tunings. The reason for this ,is that every single band I have ever formed or jammed with has ended up using either drop D, C, or B. It's getting stale, and by dropping down that low note you eliminate a wealth of chordal possibilities. It also lends to lazy open string breakdowns- which I'm starting to tire of hearing everywhere.

As stated, atmosphere will be the order of the day, so I'm not looking for soloists or show offs, but for someone who has an ear for songwriting that is catchy and has good momentum, whilst still coming across a little abstract. Previous gig and band experience preferred, but- if you know your way about your instrument and can play in time- not essential. I would ask that you are confident in writing- even if it's just for your own parts, to aid the writing process. I'm personally not massively protective of things that I write; I would ask others coming on board to have the same open mindedness. I would also ask that anyone interested in jamming have their own equipment (sounds silly to say- but it happens!)

Personally, I have a fair bit of band experience, and have played several venues in and around Glasgow of varying size. I come from the vale of leven area near Loch Lomond, which is 40 mins outside Glasgow, but as I drive, practicing in town isn't an issue. I usually use Berkeley studios or Lofi. In vocal sound I prefer a mix of clean singing and harsh vocals. I had planned on doing them myself, but if that's not working out I would not be averse to asking a dedicated vocalist on board.

By and large, I'm not really interested in playing covers, as that could be time devoted to original songwriting. Covers also have the tendency to define who you sound like as a band, which is another reason id rather avoid them; in order to find a unique sound. Later on, once the band has found it's niche; I would be more open to the idea of putting our own spin on someone else's song.

If my cynicism hasn't put you off, and this sounds like a project you'd be interested in or you have any further questions- please don't hesitate to message me.

Thanks for taking the time to read!