Entropy Sanford, FL, United States

For the better part of 2 years, I have been searching the grounds of Orlando to try and find musicians that are seriously dedicated to their craft and are open minded to the possibilities are trying to bring back the emotion is hard rock/grunge but pushing the boundaries with the help of different sounds and mediums.

My goals are to just have the chance to tell my stories through music and hope that it is reflective on the audiences taste in music. I would really like to find a group of guys that can feel the message in each song and help spread the emotion like a plague.

I am looking to start playing some acoustic open mic nights in the area at first. The goal for this is to build some fan base using songs that are popular and familiar. While doing this, the writing process can be in full swing and the transition from cover band to an original band can be smooth and flawless (theoretically).