Rich M. Dabbs & The Guys Dayton, OH, USA

I'm Rich M. Dabbs, and I am looking for a backing band. I play pretty much all the instruments I plan to record on my upcoming demo, but as logic will tell us, I can't play more than one and sing at a time. I'm not looking for complete control, but I do come up a lot of the parts for songs on my own. I would bring them to the musician who actually is playing the instrument, and they can improve upon it, if they see fit. Some parts I write, however, I would not want messed with. I plan on playing most forms of music, with the exceptions of Reggae and it's sub-genres, and a few other genres as well. I plan to play mostly Punk, Metal, Alternative Rock, Instrumental, Experimental, Hip-Hop, Electronic, and almost all sub-genres of those. I also plan on having a very fluid stage show, with how I perform changing every other night or so. I'm currently in a band called Kharon, but wish to also start recording and playing my own original songs and some covers. I have come up with most ofalbum covers, and have decided what kind of music I wish to play on them. I am needing a drummer, two guitarists, a bassist, and possibly a keyboarder/pianist and an extreme metal vocalist (Black Metal, Death Metal, etc.) Must be open to almost everything this world has created.