Matt Hafey Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia

I've been playing guitar & writing songs since I was about 17. Oasis & Pink Floyd were the two bands that really got me into music. I remember hearing the albums 'What's the Story Morning Glory' & 'The Wall' for the first time & just thinking 'This is what I want to do!'. After getting an electric guitar for xmas one year, I found out not long after that one of my best friends also played guitar so we began jamming a fair bit and eventually formed the band Enders Game once another mate joined on the drums. It wasn't until several tears later that we reformed after a long hiatus and started getting into the gigging scene a little more seriously, becoming regulars at The Lucky, Hamilton station, The Lass & Cambo. Life eventually got in the way of the band dream and we went our separate ways and I've now taken up a solo venture. After a few years of giging around Newcastle I've taken a break to focus on writing & recording & have now completed my first solo EP and am hoping to get back into the gigging scene in the not too distant future.