ghostplay Sacramento, CA, United States

Ghostplay is the project of founding members Jason Hess and Leticia Garcia, the two whom have been working together since 2010 to create skeleton of songs while utilizing a drum machine and computer made beats. After working for a year the pair realized the sound they were creating would prove difficult to further develop and transition into a live setting without live drums. So in late 2012 they added drums to help get the band off the ground.

The group was finally able to release a few homemade demo recordings and create an instant buzz. Their sound has been described as a modern-day Joy division, featuring dark, yet lively and driving songs, with tones influenced by indie rock favorites such as Deerhunter and Snowden. The songs are textured by Leticia’s playfully animated lead guitar, and Jason pitch shifted rhythm guitar which also doubles as a synthetic bass, and vocals reminiscent of Ian Curtis.

For over the past year the band has crafted a set list worth of songs, played a hand full of shows, including most notably the 3rd annual Davis music fest alongside acts such as John Vanderslice , Sea Of Bees, and local favorites Doombird, Paper Pistols, and Desario. They were also nominated by fans for a Sammie in the ‘Post-Punk’ category presented by the Sacramento News & review.

Now well established in the Sacramento scene the drummer has moved onto a new project. The founding members are currently working to fill the slot, further flesh out the songs and head directly into the studio to finally release their debut e.p.