Stormporter Auckland, NZ

Stormporter are two story-writing Brits making sweet, soulful, indie Brit pop-rock noise. Tim, from England and, Tones, a Scot, came together to share their stories, make sweet music together and, share fun times in their adopted country - New Zealand. They’re out to stir up a musical storm.

Stormporter tell stories through their music; stories about life. We all go through storms in our lives - sometimes exciting, often turbulent; sometimes, life-changing. Stormporter believe there will always be someone or something to carry you through the storm.

They hope the songs will get under your skin - that you’ll be moved or touched in some way - that the songs will become part of the soundtrack of your life. Perhaps, these songs will somehow help you through life's storms. Whatever you find in their music, one things for certain - Stormporter are sure to stir up a musical storm.

Some things can only be found in a storm.


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