Seins Berlin, Germany

QUIET is the second release from Berlin-based set-up Seins, appearing on 12 „ vinyl, CD and as a download from June 6, 2014.
QUIET is an album of many influences, domineering clarity and many surprises – not just as far as the lyrics are concerned. A rare and sophisticated ride between rock/pop and electro. Strangely catchy melodies, skilfully ruptured time and again, are set in driving, rhythmically playful and wayward beats – sometimes reduced and then again massive.
Seins is not a band. Seins is not really a singer-songwriter project either, or someone who has cobbled up their music in the bedroom – QUIET is just too loud for that. And sophisticated. Yet, like some kind of kind of music auteur, reminiscent of the glory days of self-made filmmakers of the 70’s and 80’s, Michel Bo Michel wrote all songs and lyrics, did most of the producing and has started his own record label to be able to produce and release his music as independently as possible.