Wookalily Belfast, United Kingdom

Wookalily is a female led Americana folk band with roots in bluegrass and country. They turf out timeless songs from the bogs of Northern Ireland to the bayous of Louisiana. Having been swamped in both musical traditions they've managed to create a transatlantic sound that is authentic yet quirky. Between hammerin' out the harmonies, slammin' on the geetars, slappin' the bass, beatin the drums, pickin' on the banjos (not to mention the banjo players) and chopping on the fiddle it's a miracle Wookalily haven't been arrested for cruelty to expensive musical instruments. Despite their reckless ways they've managed to create a unique and distinctive sound that's all heart. Their style, sometimes referred to among the lilys as chillbilly roots, has an old-timey feel with a young-timey appeal.

2011 Released EP Black Magic Doll
2012 Invited to the IBMA songwriter's showcase at The World of Bluegrass Week, Nashville
2013 Welcomed into the Daughter's of Bluegrass family, Blue Circle Records, Franklin, Tennessee
2014 Debut album release - date tbc