Secret Suburbia Toronto, ON, Canada

Secret Suburbia

Electronic rock artist Secret Suburbia fuses the lush textures of electronic music with the punch of rock and roll to make music that blows your mind and gets the rock and roll on the road and ready to go. Energy is the word of the day, but not the only word. Intelligence also appears, making for songs that are born to inspire the flesh and made to feed the mind. Full-bodied, smart and provocative, Secret Suburbia’s songwriting is not to be missed by an artist who does all the playing, recording, mixing and mastering single-handedly. (until recently)

All Emotions

There is no emotion that cannot be inspired by song. “Melancholy, sometimes pumped, high energy … all emotions, depends on the song,” says Secret Suburbia, stressing the fact of music’s emotionally expansive abilities. Secret Suburbia tries to make full use of this strength of music, writing songs that reach into the heart of the listener and set off a shock of emotions, enlightening and entertaining the listeners. It’s hard to forget the songwriting of this artist without getting amnesia. But why would you want to forget music this mind-blowing?


While the music is for the masses, the composing of Secret Suburbia takes place in secret, if you will. Quietude is required for the Secret Suburbia songwriting process. “Sometimes if you want something done properly, it’s better to do it yourself. Writing alone works best for me most of the time.” It’s a way for the creator to get deep inside the mind and pull out the treasure trove of ideas that goes into making songs that are startling and fulfilling for both artist and listener.


Rhythm is at the heart of Secret Suburbia’s songwriting inspiration. “I’m driven mostly by rhythm.” But that rhythm is just the skeleton. Around that core of rhythm Secret Suburbia weaves a spell of melody and mesmerism, crafting songs that are haunting and compelling, propelling the listener to light speed and through the wormhole in space. For this artist, it’s as though the human element was a channeler, a vessel through which a universal connection makes its message and self known. “I find that music is written through me, often in dreams. Lyrics are rarely edited for authenticity.” Which brings us to honesty, the final ingredient for this masterful songwriting.


Secret Suburbia has been honored by the UK’s Computer Music Magazine and has licensed music to a number of television shows, etc., including “24” starring Keifer Sutherland, Disney’s “Path to 9-11” and MTV reality shows such as “The Real World/Road Rules”. Secret Suburbia is currently signed to Universal Music (Canada).


"Brilliant sonic pleasure!" - Computer Music Magazine(UK)

“The fine-tuning that so obviously goes into this electronic-based rock is evident from the sheer detail and hypnosis to be found in the songwriting.” – A&R Select