Doll Talk and Ransom Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Doll Talk and Ransom (DTR), Saskatoon’s best and most notorious party band, is reforming to be gig-ready by December 2015.

DTR impacted the Saskatoon music scene in the late naughts with highly memorable Buds on Broadway performances (Prom Night!), mad, pyrotechnic festival moments and ShawTV performances so crazy that only half of them went to air (Too Raw for Shaw).

DTR provides an unparalleled high-energy show that delights audiences who love classic rock and 80's dance music. All DTR positions are filled with the exception of lead guitars. Here’s who we are looking for:

The Usual: pro attitude, pro gear, work ethic, stage experience and presence.
The Unusual: Here’s where you fit in: thrill us, not just by melting our faces off with solos - kill us with your tone, musicianship and presence.

Serious inquiries only as all members are stage-experienced. Doll Talk and Ransom is an equal opportunity employer: all genders, races, CFL allegiances and peaceful credos/ethics welcomed.

Image Credit: http://deep-in-silence.deviantart.com/art/Doll-Talk-and-Ransom-2-134464828 (Jess Diehl)