Under The Tongue Berlin, Deutschland

Under the Tongue are a Berlin based duo who are Mark Eden from Melbourne and The Peculiar J (Julia Eden) from Berlin.
UTT consists of beautifully crafted rock, alternative, ambient, experimental sound sculptures that are strong, sumptuous, playful and atmospheric. A beautiful collage of styles composed of lush piano and simple powerful guitar lines set against a back drop of groove driven, lavish drumscapes.
Carroll’s tale of ‘Alice in Wonderland’ meets the dark ‘Brothers Grimm’ fairytailes with a splash of Pop/Rock.

Mark is an Australian International award winning artist/singer/songwriter who has written over 700 songs and has released several successful solo albums before forming Under The Tongue with Julia in 2008. Since they’ve met in 2008 they’ve been constantly reinventing themselves in their soundtrack like tunes splashed with strange sounds and a certain eeriness that draws you in and lurks in the background like a layer of uncertainty…
Their new album ‘Potions’ which was mastered by the amazing Bob Ludwig ( Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Rolling Stones…) & has just been released on iTunes on Valentine’s Day.

His debut album ‘MELT’is without a doubt one of my favourite albums by an unsigned artist – and i ve heard plenty. Now Eden has released the long awaited( for me anyway)follow up, ‘NO MIND’.
A sadder , more subdued affair than ‘Melt’ , ‘No Mind’ showcases Edens humanity, delving deep inside his soul in search of the universe within him.This is the theme throughout No Mind giving the album much more focus than his debut…
No Mind isn’t so much a collection of songs as it is a mosaic of feelings and vulnerability. As a result, it represents an important new dimension to this highly talented artist, already impressive capabilities.
This music needs to be heard.
– FRED .E GOSTEIN(Indie news & fanzine.com)

” The initial response to hearing Mark Edens 2nd album No Mind, is more than likely to be “How has a singer / Songwriter possessing such talent remained unsigned? ”
This is certainly a valid question. Dare I say” He is one of the most popular and most successful unsigned artist’s I know of. Boasting a loyal live performance following and being voted for best unsigned artist in 2001, surely justifies my claim…
The melodies born from this musician, are nothing short of harmonious and aurally pleasing. No Mind is however one of those albums that needs to be listened to a few times before you can reach that distinct appreciation. The exceptional beauty of No Mind is definitely worth the wait though. If Edens music were personified his vocals and instruments would be holding hands together…….Providing a sense of purity as he captures an emotion and then allows ‘the music to write itself.
Adding to the sense of integrity is the tribal element existing in most of his music. Their is a sheer honesty in this music that cannot be ignored….A magnificent awareness of music is evident and the unpretentious nature of Edens composition is truly inspiring . He is taking music back to its original element-propelling sincerity ,charm and most importantly ,integrity.”
– Sarah Ortenzio ( Beat Magazine)