Joyslam Toronto, ON, Canada

RHCP, Sublime, RATM & Dave Matthews 2015 Evolved Sound.
Funk/Rock Singer/Songwriter looking for Established Band or Individual Musicians to form a band.
I want us to take the BEST of ALL these bands & combine them to create our own "Evolved Sound". A Funky & Technical Bassist, a Guitarist that can play with Feel and Soul & still Shred and a Drummer who is versatile & feeling and still technical enough to hold it all together.
Original Music will be the main focus with Covers to fill in the Set Lists.
GIGS ARE PARAMOUNT with the immediate goal of playing paid gigs as often as possible. I need to get the Band put together to solidify dates. If you have Music you want to play as well Original or Cover, that's fine with me. I'd like to make this successful & fun, not a dictatorship. To hear some of the Original Music & more info visit