Rosshalde Dallas, TX, USA

This one-ma‚Äčn-band of sorts came to Dallas from the deserts of West Texas, trailed by a sandstorm of passion for weaving webs of tonal grandeur and mystique.

My sound is a culmination forged from numerous inspiration sources acquired over many years; shaped by a mastery of classical instruments and intense exposure to the raw waves of the wild west.

My purpose is to share, indulge, surprise, question and careen down the path of everything new, exhilarating, grotesque and beautiful.. and I am on a hunt for the right musicians to help bring these soundscapes to life.

Have a listen and if you like what you hear and are interested in collaborating, please feel free to contact me. Looking for a drummer, bass player, guitar player, and keyboard player to work with me and put together a repertoire for live performances.

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Celestial Lover Rock