Amit Singha Bangalore, Karnataka, India

A freelance musician guitarist turned into a singer-songwriter based out of Bangalore, India. Music has been driving him through that destined rollercoaster ride called life. Although a late bloomer, he embraced music wholeheartedly. Hailed from a small part of Bengal, he never had the opportunity to explore the beauty of music until he enrolled in college and stumbled on this wonderful musical instrument Guitar. From then, there’s no turning back. He wandered his way through a diverse genre of music starting from the styles of popular Hindi indie artists to pop, alternate western music and to the world of hard rock, metal and finally to blues, soul, progressive musics. From guitar virtuosos like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, John Petrucci to the new generation of talented indie musicians has shaped the versatility of his music repertoire. It was not so long ago he came to face to face with the brilliant songwriter of all time John Mayer, who inspired and transformed him from a guitar player to a singer songwriter.

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