The One Twos Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Lead Guitarist and Drummer wanted to form a new punk band to be known as “The One Twos” (that’s a boxing reference). I'll be on lead vocals and rhythm guitar and I've just picked up a old band mate as bass player; he also has access to a free rehearsal space in the inner east for any weekend rehearsals. The sound is classic punk. Lyrically, it may be considered a bit left wing I suppose, though I’d say, just plain commonsense if you’re a broadminded individual! To date, four songs have been recorded with a collaborator in my home studio, however, the collaborator is not able to be in the live band due to other commitments. A DIY video will begin production in late August.
The initial aim is to work up a set of originals (many of which are written) and a set of covers; two sets will make the band more versatile in terms of gig offers. Bands to be covered include classic punk bands, such as: The Clash, The Sex Pistols, The Ramones and Rancid.
You should be:
• keen on this style of music
• an enthusiastic performer (no shoe gazers please!)
• a good communicator i.e. respond quickly to messages; say what you mean, and mean what you say
• keen to rehearse (fortnightly - time of week to be negotiated)
• able to take responsibility for learning the songs; we’re all busy, but we make time for what’s important to us
• willing to dress to look sharp on stage
• prepared to have a blast!
…oh, and I’m not even gonna mention that you’ll have reliable transport and gear…or am I?
Your age and gender are your age and gender, not a reason to include or exclude you! You can be as involved as you want, or don’t want to be in song writing and organising the band. I have a clear picture of what this band will be (in the beginning anyway, I’m sure it will evolve in response to the talents of the individual members) and will push to realize this vision.
Initial goals are simple:
• rehearse and sound good
• get gigs…where ever to begin with; we just get out and play and get better!
• plan to record a studio quality single when we sound good (I’ve got a place in mind), probably back that with a DIY video
From there, there is no grand plan, we see where the path takes us.
3 unmastered songs (hope to have the mastering done in the coming weeks) are up on soundcloud; they’ll give you a pretty good idea of the sound:
Finally, you'll notice references to 'drums' if you look me up, I'm a drummer in another band.