THE SLIT Los Angeles, CA, United States

The Slit is a fierce blend of aggression and angst packaged neatly in nuggets of throttling guitar rock; a tumultuous, pummeling titan, equal parts Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, with a psychedelic metal tinge and punk tendencies. Their tracks are exceptional, but you have to like heavy, grinding rock to appreciate it the whole way through.

The Slit is hungry, musically brash and fluent at hardcore grunge riffs, metal solos and even punk rhythms. From time to time you’ll get into the usual squabble about what defines Heavy Metal and what defines Hard Rock. Now I ask the casual listener to take a listen to “Nowhere” and turn the volume up. It’s one helluva ride from the throbbing bass, the hard-charging barbed riffs, and the banging drums to the quieter middle-section then back into hell. The chugging riffs and tight, thunder rhythm section pound away while Dustin Liggitt switches from a scream to a hushed lull.

The Slit is a band that combines elements of classic rock, metal, punk, grunge and psychedelia into a very unique style. They define what it means to fire on all cylinders all throughout their songs. But whether opting for maximum aggression or pulling back on the reigns a bit and dropping in an infectious melody, you would be hard-pressed to find a single moment of weakness.

“Beg”, “Elephant” and “Powder” are so powerful and addicting that it is hard to want to listen to another song. With the pulsating drumbeats and the driving bass lines combined with the screeching guitar riffs and sometimes dissonant vocals, they send chills up your spine.

Blistering and bold, The Slit delivers deep and brooding lyrics, heavy mesmerizing riffs and raw power. All their tracks, like “Nowhere”, will appeal to alternative and metal fans, especially since this is guitar heavy and heart pounding music!