N/A Houston, TX, United States

Looking for a Bassist! Would be great to find someone that is very open minded, loves to experiment, has a dynamic in playing styles and techniques, and if you understand reading and writing music, that would be a plus. Aside from talk, I understand chemistry is important and hearing someone play is where it counts. I'd like to have some dialogue, talk music, gauge things, and am ready to give people a try. So far, I'm am with a drummer and we have some great and interesting ideas, but everything is fresh on the drawing board; considering that there needs to be others in the creative process for conceptiualizing the broader dynamic of the sound. There is a friend of mine, another vocalist and guitarist that has been jamming with that we're gauging things with as well. As well, I am in mingles with a friend that is an awesome pianist, very experimental, that is interested once we get things going and would perhaps be ready to fit him in on stuff. I stay in Tomball and we jam at my place, in the living room, where there is plenty of room; I let everyone leave whatever equipment they want to leave there for convenience, a very laid back guy here. I stay on a property with no surrounding neighbors, in which would give us privacy, and would allows us to be as loud as we want, perhaps even occasionally set up outside and experiment. Please email me if your willing to put your heart in it.

Melodic, Jazz, classical, Metal, Progressive music, Experimental Music

What inspires me is a lot more complex than just the bands or the songs but rather learning from a technique. So for the record, we're not aiming at a genre of music nor a popular criteria of music writing. So music influences in my eyes could probably be a bad way to judge someone's material.

Ill reference some bands non the less that I listen too.

Between the Buried And Me
Mars Volta
Glass Jaw
The Contortionist
A perfect Circle
Lamb of God
Darkest Hour
(Yes even) Dave Mathews ( He does have techniques)
Protest The Hero
Within the ruins
Led Zeplin
CandyRat Records stuf....
......Antoine Dufour, Andy McKee and others.
Pink Floyd
A Job For A Cowboy

..List can really go on forever...