Golden-voice Curtis Henderson Houston, TX, United States

Curtis Henderson is an Actor, Producer, Director, Editor, Screenplay writer, Songwriter, and digital media entrepreneur with an immense passion for storytelling. Throughout his career, Curtis has worked to find, refine, edit and convey the most interesting and compelling stories possible, using both traditional and new media distribution platforms. He began his career at the age of 7 doing school plays with his twin brother Calvin Henderson, after high school Curtis was accepted into the Art Institute Of Houston for Film, Songwriting, Television and Video Editing / Producer, he also studied Acting with Eleese Lester for two years, years later While living in Houston, TX, Curtis was offered the prestigious honor of producing and directing a Senior Narrative film, Emma Mae Street Hood, The Grandmother Baby Scam which was written produced and edited by Curtis Henderson. Curtis consistently working and filming Emmy Award-winning Films and TV Shows,

Curtis is currently developing several digital brand-integrated projects, including one of his latest The Grandmother Baby Scam. To watch Curtis Henderson being interview is a fascinating experience. His face speaks volumes about his life and career. Ordinarily, he's hugely affable, beaming and joking, delivering a succession of super-cool one-liners, giving the people what they want. His smile, his openness his status and privileges. Then sometimes, when the questions get too tawdry or silly, you'll see a flash of fire in those beautiful brown eyes, a sudden rage that tells of a long road hard-traveled. He was born from a family of twelve, a twin Curtis Ray Henderson April, 11 1967 in West Virginia.

His Father left when he was very young, moving to Baltimore Maryland. leaving Curtis to be raised by his Mother and Step Father Ada Henderson and his Grandparents in Natchitoches, Louisiana. His Grand-dad was a mechanic, while Ada was a stay at home Mom. Ada had high hopes for her Son, wanting him to be a Doctor or a Lawyer, and she instilled in him a serious work ethics. In this time of segregation, she made him recognize his disadvantaged state and taught him that he needed to work ten times harder than everyone else, and dress ten times better, just to survive. consequently, young Curtis was a bookworm of a child, who loved music, movies, and telling jokes.

Curtis learned many skills, Acting, Songwriting, Editing, Producing, he became a master of the arts. ​ ​