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Transistor Radio Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Calling all Rok Godz !

Sydney Lead Singers, Guitarists, Drummers, and Keyboard Players.

Have you been playing for many years and still not satisfied with who you play with or what you’re playing ?

Do you daydream about being in a super band ? playing alongside other rok godz of the same caliber and desire ?. To be in a band where you are excited to turn up to rehearsal, a band that you are proud to brag about, a band that turns heads and people talk about. You know when random people tap you on your shoulder after a show, shake you hand and say “ that was fukn awesome man “

If your smiling at this point then keep reading.

I’m here to start the engine and I want to create something special,

A rock cover band , tribute band and if there’s originals in the mix that’s good too. I can’t paint the picture unless I know what colours I have...

I’m not going to spell out a set list, that depends on what’s created. There are no leader, we are all leaders it’s all for one and one for all, an even say on what we play and how we roll.
If Phil Rudd is the drummer then it’s unlikely we’ll play Led Zeppelin right ?

Let’s not beat around the bush, if this is special then an agency will be excited to take us on and book us gigs.

I want you to send me 1 email and 1 email only.
Tell me about yourself, the more stuff you tell me the better, your history, any music or music videos, photos, links to youtube , music streams, credits etc. Be honest tell me how much time you can commit,

I’m setting a criteria because I don’t want to waste your time.

Age - 35 to 65, if you are outside this age bracket then... lie !
Experience - 15 years plus
Ability - Expert
Gear - Pro
Personality - No dickheads !,
Commitment - at first rehearse once every 2 to 3 weeks and see how fast things come together.

Email - rokgodz2018@gmail.com

Last and most important, I know most of us have day jobs, families, financial and personal commitments. We are here to have fun so let your hair down and leave your problems at home !

Thank you