dad's impala Folsom, CA, USA

You probably have a better life when you have a "thing," something that's just for you.
We have kids of varying ages, we have jobs and wives and families.
We also have a band of brothers. We don't fight, we don't argue, we don't have agendas. We have a band, and that's our thing. We rehearse and gig when we can. When we can't, we don't. We play songs we don't all like, but we do it because we enjoy playing music with each other. We hang out when we are not playing music together. We have goals to be good, we have passion to be great. The band and the brand is more important that any single player. The stakes are too low to have it any other way. But we kick ass, we sound good, and we draw crowds. We are a band of brothers. It's not too good to be true.
We are not a party band. We are a rock band with this extraordinary harp player. It sets us apart from the ordinary bar band. We play blues, with power chords. We play the 2nd generation of classic rock. We have original music in the queue. We have a set list which is a little different from an average cover band.

We know all of the things that make bands bad, that make them break up. We've all been there. Not this time. We play because it's fun to play once in a while. We are doing this right. We are looking for you, if you're the kind of guy who believes in the principles and values we've described.

Let's go!