Dutch Burns Band Houston, TX, USA

My drummer and I are looking for a bass player who would like to play in a blues and funk band to gig around the Houston area. We would like to start of as a trio, and have the open mindedness of adding other instruments as we grow.

I am 17 (will be 18 in April) and have played guitar for about 6 years now and recently have picked up singing. My drummer is 18, and has been playing for about 12 years. We are both mature to work with, very musically advanced for our ages, and completely okay with working with people older than us. We both have quite a bit of gigging experience and are extremely dedicated and passionate about playing music. While mostly wanting to play classic blues and funk, we are influenced by jazz, alternative, R&B, Soul, and indie.

We will play music along the lines of, but not limited to: Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Allman Brothers, Albert King, Sly and the Family Stone, Dr. John, The Steve Miller Band, The Commodores, Elvis, and James Brown

We have rehearsal space located in Spring/Woodlands area.

Here is a short clip of the two of us playing : https://youtu.be/Jzt08MBdOHo