Harleo Sydney, NSW, Australia

We have a singer and guitar player. I'm the guitar play and if you want to be a guitar player in this band, you can choose either lead or rhythmn. We are also looking for bass player, drum player and keyboard/piano player. We are both females and 15 yrs old. If your around 12-19 yrs, you can join. We both performed on stage before and off stage and both have been at the studio and recorded a demo. We are going for a sound of def Leppard, Europe, Bon Jovi, Queen and a bit of AC/DC. Our music we have recently written are about love, friendship and motivation. Anyone who joins this band is welcome to add their ideas and write songs for the band. This band belongs to everyone who joins the band. We don't do drugs, vap or puff bars. Appropriatw behaviour in this band and mention anyone else you know who want to join. This band is for all genders. If you would like to join, send a video and will announce if you made it in the band. Send your video on instagram @clairerose_singing


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