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Rhythm Guitar Player Wanted For Indie Band In Byron Bay
Posted by DeciBell Cat about 2 years ago


Hi... we are Female Vocalist, Male Guitarist, Male Bass Guitar and Male Drummer; we're working from a Recording Studio at Industrial Estate, we Rehearse regularly. If you play Rhythm Guitar...... have Commitment, creativity, bundles of energy that ignites your electric guitar desire & our passion with playing live, our project is progressively moving forward,
A second Guitar would complete our line-up to paid Gigs.

Our objective is to play Live, gain exposure and we're writing a new collection of songs toward Recording a ' second Album '.
Our sound is ' Moody ' Melodic, Edgy, Rock with a punk edge.

Age range 25 to 40 years...
Located South of Gold Coast, 'off Coast Road Freeway' B4 Byron Bay turn off, 15 minutes drive inland to Mullumbimby.

As the first Album is written and prerecorded, we are looking to collaborate with all new Musicians, to develop a songwriting structure, individual and combined music direction, defining our own sound, of a similar style to the first Album. To be recognized as Artists & write good songs.

Debut Album ‘ Phantasmagorical ’ 2015 is a self-willed independent record, with soaring, intense guitar sounds, dark abstract themes, sensuous vocals and heartfelt melodies, blend with a defiant edge and crafted-dreamlike waves that speak to the listener.

Email for Song-list Link.

We'd Luv to get in touch to meet in person for an audition/jam.

For more information and photo's Go to -
Direct Link:
Website... - Select "All Bands" - select "Byron Bay"
Click on " DeciBell Cat "

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