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Musician Available For Jazz Bands In Johannesburg
Posted by Chann de Villiera about 1 year ago


Sending love and all things dope into the soundscapes and receiving it right back

I am C H A N N - I am a Singer/ Songwriter and i am looking for a super dope band to do some super delicious ish with. DRUM x BASSIST x KEYS x HORN (trumpet but hey let's not limit ourselves).

I've got plenty songs to work on - I love blurring soundscapes but i swim within the waters of JAZZ / JAZZHOP (hiphop flavoured)/ BLUE-GRASS / SLASH / SLASH. I am not looking for a cover-band, you must be a composer yourself yeah. All our material will be original with a few Original RENDITIONS(not covers) done here and there.THERE ARE NO LIMITS!. Although the songs will (mostly) be my own -You will be recognised as Artists in your own right. I really just want to work with dope and stupidly sick individuals who are all about pushing boundaries. Or uhh rather recognise that there aren't any. We will compose We will have fun We will Kill it and WE will hit the JOZI Jazz & Indie scene with a bang yeah.

So yeah please holla back and let's do something crazy beautiful here yeah x

(note that the song attached is not the vibe I want us to go for but i thought it be good for you to hear my tone)


Chann x

Summer Nights by Chann de Villiera

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