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Drummer Wanted For Death Metal Band In Stockholm
Posted by No Name Yet about 1 year ago



From South Africa, relocated to Stockholm. Looking to put together a progressive death metal that is open-ended and will flow with the natural creative output. For me, personally, this may head in a softer direction or more 'epic' direction, but lets see what happens when the time comes.

The link below is to my old band. I was the songwriter and played rhythm guitar and throat:

I am looking to experiment at first and put together a band with the following instruments (I play rhythm guitar and growled vocals):

1.) Rhythm guitar & growled vocals

2.) Cellist (used as second rhythm guitar live/soloist/atmosphere/effects etc)

3.) Drummer

4.) Electronica person (handles atmosphere, bass, live mixing etc)

5.) Clean vocalist

If all of the above does not work out i'll consider putting a more regular band together:

1.) Rhythm Guitar & Growled Vocals (I play this)

2.) Clean Vocals

3.) Lead guitar

4.) Bass

5.) Drums

I am looking for people that want to start small and build the band up as big as possible. Not looking for musicians that see themselves as hobbiests...

At the moment I have guitar tracks for about 2 and a half albums which I am tempo mapping, learning and writing. So lets hit the ground running and see how much of it we are going to use.


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