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Bass Player Wanted For Blues Band In Sunshine Coast
Posted by T.J Carter 12 months ago


As per the My Profile, I am simply looking for a rhythm section (Bass and Drums) to create something mind blowing. I have plenty of new material original & bluesy tunes to get us started on. however definitely hoping to collaborate. T.J Carter won't be the name of the band.

Don't wish to make it a big affair. Trio or 4 tops (keys or harp down the track maybe)

No amateurs please. must be seasoned. at least 10-15yrs experience behind them. Would be great if you can sing. Basically you need to be able to keep up, have great feel, and not be coached. (don't mean to come off arrogant there)

Im not out to make a living off this - I work and have freedom., I just want some creative outlet & collaboration with fun gigging fulfilment. I have plenty of contacts with great opportunities that are definitely within in reach and a pity not to utillise.

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