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Guitarist Wanted For Metal Band In Woking
Posted by Zedi Forder about 1 year ago


ZEDI FORDER are looking for a talented Guitarist to join the band. (7-string player/drop-A tuning, male or female welcome. We are early thirties).
We rehearse in Woking so you’ll need to be based in the UK and be willing and able to get here regularly. We’re after a dedicated person and a quick learner who’s happy to get the songs down at home, happy to play live and is happy and able to prioritise the band.

We're trying to build this up in an increasingly hostile environment for independent heavier music so you'll need to be onboard for that fight, able to commit to shows further afield that may eat up a weekend, when the opportunities arise.

We have an existing style and an album set for release June 10th along with some super positive buzz and we'll be expanding to incorporate a new style for our next release (or the one after). You've got to be chill of attitude and down for all aspects of our music. To listen to us please head here. Hope you enjoy the sounds.

Great! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested. Please send us a demo/vid of you playing. We'd love to hear them.

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