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Bass Player Available For Any Bands In Newcastle
Posted by Dave 12 months ago


Newcastle-based BASSIST looking to join covers band.

I'm a 36 year old advanced-level bassist with over 20 years experience looking to join a working party/pop covers band.

I have pro gear and can play all styles, I commit to learning songs note-for-note (no 'winging it'), love to be creative with regards to medleys and segues, have good stage presence, and just love to perform.

I have played in dozens of covers, originals and even tribute acts both here in Australia and overseas. Show me your set list and chances are that I'll already know 90% of it!

I have my own transport, good availability for rehearsals and gigs, non-drug/non-drinker, punctual and dependable.

Not interested in playing originals, or for a church, or for free, or for 'exposure'.

Prefer to work with a female vocalist, but not essential.

Please message me if you have a position vacant!

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