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Singer Available For Jazz Bands In Seattle
Posted by Andrea Lynne 10 months ago


I'm a vocalist looking for a guitarist or a full band. I would like to sing Jazz, Blues, Country, Folk, and Soft Rock.

I can play a little Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele. I'm trying to learn some jazz rhythm on my electric, but still a beginner. I would also like to learn some rhythm guitar for soft rock. But for now, I need at least a guitarist to play with me so that I can sing to my hearts content. I would love to put together a full band.

You must be willing and have ability to suggest song remix covers that make them different than the original, but still convey the essence of the song. I need someone who can work with me to make what we play unique. If you have originals, that's a bonus! Be prepared for me to suggest changes to make it more my style.

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