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Violinist Wanted For Indie Band In Brisbane
Posted by Observer Effect 12 months ago


Hello everyone.

Observer Effect is reforming and looking for a violinist.

This is an originals band and the sound is indie/folk rock/Britrock. Think Ocean Colour Scene (if you know them... British band, upbeat indie rock), early Radiohead, early Coldplay, dare I say a little Oasis? Hopefully a slice of The Beatles and a pinch of the Mumford & Sons vibe.

We have two songs on Spotify already and have had great feedback (search for Observer Effect) or jump over to our website:

Looking forward to speaking with you if you think it sounds like something you'd be into.

General goals of the band:

  1. Have fun and live out music dreams in some 'small' way
  2. Play limited gigs around Brisbane and work up through the Festival circuit starting small and local until we can get accepted to the bigger, national ones.
  3. Record a great album, produce a couple of indie music videos
  4. Build an online following and promote through social media etc - already started on Twitter, 4,500 followers so far -
  5. See what can be accomplished branding and fan-base building wise while keeping the 'work' load contained into that of a passionate hobby.

What would the commitment be?
Weekly practice sessions on weeknights plus individually learning and developing the songs at home. More if we want to but that's the initial benchmark.

Who would this suit?
Anyone who likes the songs, loves performing and whose life is better when they're playing music.

Who would this NOT suit?
If you're in another band, that's great, but we recommend you focus on that project and please don't apply to join Observer Effect. If you're only going to put a toe into the project rather than you're heart... it's not going to work out. Obviously, we're all in it for fun, so it's relaxed... but at the same time we need a certain level of commitment.

Is this a money making band?
Making money is not the main goal here. Living out musical dreams and making damn fine music is. I guess there will be some money generated from sales and gigging but if you want to make money... join a covers band and do corporate gigs.

What stage is the band at currently?
We have a lead singer who plays rhythm guitar and has written an album. We also have a lead guitarist who sings backing vocals and a bass player who's generally awesome. A previous incarnation of the band recorded and released two of the songs (same lead singer - that's me, Oli).

Current band members:

Oli - lead singer + rhythm guitar + songwriter

Jules - bass

Helgi - Lead guitar + backing vocals

Who we're looking for:

  1. Female keyboard (mostly piano and organ) player and backing vocalist

  2. Drummer (singing backing vocals is a plus but not required)

  3. Violinist

  4. Cellist


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