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Musician Available For Experimental Bands In Cincinnati
Posted by PedestrianPrime 9 months ago


I am mostly interested in the programming/production end of things. I'm primarily a drummer but have spent the last 12+ years focused on programming abstract hip-hop beats and experimental electronic music for a wide verity of artists from rappers to podcast hosts. With those projects I've also handled the recording/engineering of most of them.

I'm a very laid back, kind of awkward and private person so its not very easy for me to get out and find new artists to collaborate with and that's what brings me here. I am looking for anyone interested in initially collaborating over the internet with the possibility of eventually recording together in person.

My workflow would involve you sending me stems of your ideas, then I would add to them and send them back for your input. Rinse and repeat until its finished.

Personally, I partake in a selection of craft brews, vodka and tabletop gaming. I am involved in a mess of other hobbies not related to music too.

My musical sound/attitude is inspired by sarcasm, internet/meme culture and mockery.

The tracks I am sharing span the last 15 years and will dramatically vary in quality. I just wanted to share a wide range of my interests.

If any of this sounds interesting to you feel free to hit me up!

Since of humor is a must. Don't be easily triggered/offended. Pretentious/Egocentric people are revolting. You can be serious about music without taking yourself too seriously.

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