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Singer Wanted For Classic Rock Band In Folsom
Posted by dad's impala 6 months ago


We lost our singer to a day job. The guy was amazing. But, so are you, right?

Sacramento-area classic rock and power chord blues band is looking for a lead vocalist to get us back to great. We're making do with hired hands, but want someone who wants to be in a band of brothers, a family of friends.

You: 35-50 - if you are younger and don't might fronting older guys, great. You'll get all the girls.

We gig when we can, we rehearse when we're able. We're serious, but not at the expense of our kids, wives and families. We play good gigs at popular spots. We want to hear from you. Check our profile, read about our values, then decide if we're for you. Thanks. Rock on.

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