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Bass Player Wanted For Indie Band In London
Posted by Sohoko State 6 months ago


For the last 6 months, I have been releasing music and operating as a solo project under the name Sohoko State. Now I want to expand it into a band that would record and perform as a collaborative unit.

My influences include, The Killers, Interpol, Hot Chip, Depeche Mode, New Order, Flaming Lips.

In particular I’m looking for
• Hard working, committed, accomplished musicians who play, bass, guitars (possibly 2) and synth. If you can bass and synth, or guitar and synth this could be useful as well.
• Musicians with a passion to always want to push for the best in all aspects of Sohoko State
• Availability to regularly rehearse for live performances
• Bring your unique skillset to collaborate on the arrangement of a live 6 song set and future recording projects
• Contribute to other aspects of artist development
• Desire to be part of this project on a long term basis

What is on offer
• Six songs set three of which have been released as singles
• Being part of a hard working band where the whole person is appreciated and valued

How to apply
Check out to see and hear what I do. DM me through Musolist

Please provide a recording, link or video

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