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Guitarist Available For Death Metal Bands In Eindhoven
Posted by Lolz 7 months ago


I love music since i was a child but i really got hooked up into it like an addict back in 2015 when i was 15.I started playing drums, with 2 other high school friends we formed a band and we played a lot Hardcore/punk/alt rock/even beatdown sometimes.I got em both hooked up on Superjoint Ritual xP at that time which is a rly cool band btw.I realised the next year 2016, that i actually have a talent of playing bass and even till today this is my favourite instrument of all(still play it).2018 in January i bought a 7th string guitar Shecter Demon-7 ,damn honestly before i bought this guitar i always used to think i am better and more kind of a rythm section player(which is where i am best at) and ofcourse ,Dimebaaaags(Pantera) got me hooked up into his solos(and playing solos),but then it was Fast Eddy from Motorhead,and everything started coming down naturally so yeah xd .Nowadays i dont play much drums anymore,maybe sometimes for fun but i still have a very high sence of rythm.I forgot to actually say when i bought the 7th string baby i started practising my vocals(both extreme and clean) and a lot of songwriting and lyrics as well.I listen to all kinds of music from death metal to classical how they say and i really love Hip-hop(thats what got me into extreme music,lol)

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