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Bass Player Wanted For Rock Band In St. Charles
Posted by The Collective 3 months ago


We're looking for a bassist for our cover band.
We're a fun bunch that tries to play out about once a month. We've been together for a couple of years but our bassist has other things in her life she wants to pursue so we're in need. We all have careers, families, etc... so we keep it loose and fun.

We're a party band that plays Talking heads, Peter Gabriel, Foo Fighters, Police, Nathaniel Raitliffe, the Revivalists, Cage the Elephant, white stripes, doobie bros, U2.... alt/classic/cool party songs.
There's plenty of videos on our FB and youtube...

We try and practice Thurs nights at my house in St. Charles (there's a bass amp here which makes it easy)

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