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Singer Available For Classic Rock Bands In Bremen
Posted by Douglas Blackstock 3 months ago


I'm a baritone able to sing from a midbass range up to a soprano range in screams. I have a lot of practice as an alto and high tenor (classic rock range) with classic style screams (David Lee Roth, Rob Halford, Joe Elliott). My voice is naturally low, so I can sing songs by bands like Muse, Disturbed, etc. as well.
I'm also an intermediate guitarist.
I've never been in a band before or played gigs as a solo artist, but I have some stage experience playing/singing solos in my school's chorus and guitar programs, as well as participating in the district's honor chorus. My anxieties in speaking don't carry over into performance nearly as much as you'd expect.

I am the only member of a 'band' called the Retro Renegades and play all the instruments in their songs (excluding drums as I am a horrible drummer) For drums I am forced to use a software's premade grooves at different speeds and in different combinations rather than writing my own. I despise having to do this, but they are real drum samples, so I tolerate it being a solo artist.

I am looking to join a band in any rock, metal, punk, pop, or comedy genre as a lead vocalist or guitarist/backup vocalist.

Gel by Douglas Blackstock

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