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Drummer Available For Metal Bands In Amherstburg
Posted by drummerwithaguitar about 1 year ago


Im an experienced drummer and intermediate guitarist looking for likeminded people to start up or join a metal or rock band. The idea is to write, record, and perform original music. Experience is important but the attitude to want to succeed is a must. I like to create music that doesn't sound like other bands. Find your own sound if that makes sense. I don't blame myself for not being a successful musician. Ive been drumming for 21 years and im still young but I could never get the right band going for myself. I have a lot of creativity to offer. Im a nice guy, easy going, quiet, but loud when it comes time to record or jam out. Respond with some info if your interested. At this point if your not thinking about a music career im probably not the right drummer for you. But if I had the right band id be on tour right now. It's just a matter of how bad you want to succeed. Cheers.

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