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Musician Available For Alternative Bands In London
Posted by Daniel Connolly about 1 year ago



I'm currently in Sisteray (been played on Radio X, BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, played at Reading and Leeds Festival, Isle of Wight Fest etc):

I'm starting a new project which is slightly different. I've written and demoed 22 tracks that I'm really excited about. They're all recorded in my bedroom studio so don't expect radio-ready recordings but they're pretty good demos and a good idea of the direction I'm going in:

I'm always open to new ideas, opinions, new songs so would be good to get a few musicians with ideas and who'd be willing to use their music influence the songs and direction

I have a few excellent producers I've worked with over the years and mates and labels, sync companies (had my music played on shows like Made in Chelsea), top pluggers, PR people and booking agents to get this off the ground, I just need a few musicians who can gel with who'd be willing to tour and record and hopefully make some money along the way once up and running

Drop me an email:


Sonic Youth
King Gizzard
The Fall
The White Stripes
The Stooges
Neil Young
The Clash
Gang of Four
Led Zeppelin
Talking Heads
The Velvet Underground
Joy Division
Elvis Costello
The Strokes
The Jam

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