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Drummer Wanted For Punk Band In London
Posted by Neck 12 months ago


Solid, Dynamic, Kick-arse Drummer wanted for 'Celtic Punk' band (part of the Dropkick Murphys / Flogging Molly scene) :

We fuse the swirl of Traditional Irish music with the electric energy of Punk Rock & kinda sound like The Pogues being backed by The Clash - which definitely gets 'em going & can be a total blast!

We need a solid player, but someone to who can also throw some fireworks into the mix & have the craic on-stage. Some stamina would definitely help - we give it some, & can sometimes play long sets. Backing vocals would deffo be a bonus too!
And an Irish background would be preferable, but it's not compulsory. At least a familiarity with Irish humour would be handy enough & a knowledge of Irish music would really help. Apart from the Punk / Rock stuff, you'd need to be able to play (or be able to learn to play) Irish drum rhythms & patterns not usually familiar to a lot of Rock drummers.

Ability, commitment, a bit of flexibility time-wise, & passport are essential (we're not the biggest band in the world, but we've got about a good bit, are very much still doing so, & intend to do more of the same).

And no time-wasters, bread-heads, blaggers, jobbing musos or fragile egos - we need someone we can work with, not against - a solid team player that can get along with everyone: someone who gets what we do, is into it, can get the gigs done in right & proper manner & have the craic afterwards. ;-)

Thanks very much indeed for your time & consideration! & good luck!

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