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Singer Available For Pop Punk Bands In New York
Posted by Aly 11 months ago


Looking for musicians in my area (Far Rockaway, Queens) to start a pop-punk/alternative band (Paramore, The Story So Far, Taking Back Sunday, Tonight Alive, The Wonder Years, State Champs, Stand Atlantic, etc). I have lyrics for over 1,000 songs but they're just words and they need to be brought to life. I have had surgery to hopefully at least slightly improve a health issue that would have probably gotten in the way, but I've never been in a band so tbh idk if it helped (same issue as Parker from The Story So Far, although he somehow works with it). I also need to be comfortable around you because I am very shy about my voice. Also if you play an instrument AND can sing, it'd be cool to possibly have 2 vocalists (also you can then give me tips lol).

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