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Bass Player Available For Pop Bands In New York
Posted by Ma 9 months ago


Hey guys!

My name is Ma. I'm a New York City artist originally from Brazil. I've started my career in music as a Dj, and now, as I finish producing my third original track, I'm interested in putting together a band. As a solo artist, I played many open mics before and also performed with a group of dancers using backtracks. I currently have another girl artist called Tania Kass (she's a guitarist, drummer and singer) attached to this project and we are looking for a bass player and a piano player!

Bellow you can check links to my previous work. Also keep in mind we are a queer, happy and hardworking group of people. This is the start of something, so there's no salary yet. I do invest a lot in my business though, and will continue to improve the quality of my music videos and songs! Hope we can do it together.

Thank you a lot!

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