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Guitarist Wanted For Rockabilly Band In Upland
Posted by The Outlaw Daddies 4 months ago


Working rockabilly trio seeks lead guitarist: Cochran, Vincent, Perkins, Condo, Setzer...? We need to find someone who loves playing their guitar and sounding great on stage. We’ve had a run of a few flakes and ‘gun-slingers’ looking for a cash grab but we’re still booking shows w/ some help from friends sitting in... We need a talented, consistent lead guitarist who can write leads, learn our tunes fast, pick out some country swing, and help us write our next CD.

When we get paid you get paid (and we usually get paid)! Everything is equal, with a few bucks thrown to the band fund for shirts and the next recording...

Email us, send a link to stuff you've done, well do the same and let’s get rollin’!

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